Hi, my name is Holli Clark and i’m a fully qualified IDTA teacher for the theatre branch.

I have been a dancer since i was three years old, in the disciplines of: ballet, tap, theatre craft, freestyle and street. I have always been passionate about dance particularly ballet, which i went on to do my IDTA associate (dance teacher) exam in.

I started my teacher training at the age of 14, assisting in classes for the younger students of the dance school. I then took my first exam in 2011 at the age of 16 and became fully qualified in 2014 with already five years experience in teaching.

Wanting to share my experiences and useful improvement tips with you i decided to create a blog where regular posts full of really useful stuff can be put up for your benefit 🙂


Have a question for me or want a post on a certain subject? Fill in this form and i’ll get back to you.


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